“hootie hoo” from rapjaxx HQ

 Rapjaxx loves vintage satin Starter jackets

originally manufactured during the golden eras of sports & hip hop music during the 80’s and 90’s.

vintage > retro.

Nothing parallels to the high quality satin & structure of the vintage satin varsity style baseball jackets or “dugout jackets” in our opinion.  We only deal with the best satins, the best materials and the best in creation.

The RapJaxx Exclusives

are a collection of individually-numbered & named, 1 of a Kind creations only found at @RAPJAXX.

1-of-1’s. unique. no basics.


We ship from the United States.

All RAPJAXX Exclusives are handcrafted in the United States of America.

Explain the area codes

We learned from Ludacris at an early age growing up in the A about the importance of area codes & representing our hometown so we incorporate area codes on every RAPJAXX Exclusive at your request (unless otherwise noted).

 it’s a good look.

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